Coins page lets you see news and data on the universe of coins. To dive deeper, you can explore individual categories of coins, which will update your page to only include coins within that category. The components on the page will stay the same, but the data will be scoped to only coins within that category.

  1. To explore categories such as DeFi, Currencies, Ecosystems, Miscellaneous categories and CeFi, click on a tab in the sub-navigation. After clicking on a category, you will then see the ability to dive further into subcategories within it.

  2. Clicking on Watchlist will bring you to the Watchlist page, which will present the same components, but scoped to the coins in your watchlist(s).

  3. Once you click on Create News Feed on Coins page or any category/subcategory/watchlist tab, the Create Feed form will pre-fill with that respective set of coin.

  4. You may switch between Coins, Sentiment and SigDev Explorer tab to explor more information about the coins that comprise the group.

  5. Live Twitter Feed on Coins to provide more context on the real time sentiment.