This page helps you to provide additional insights based on our advanced tool offerings. At the moment, we provide Chart and Calendar and DEX Transactions tab is coming soon.


  1. As mentioned above, SigDev currently offers Chart, Calendar and DEX Transactions for the current users on Tools page. (Please note that DEX Transactions are coming soon after updates.)

To optimize the usage of SigDev’s charting function, note that you can further select:

  1. Select which coin you’d like to display on the chart.
  1. Choose which filter you’d like to apply. (Note that you can only filter when you select on the coin instead of Feeds.)


SigDev’s Calendar helps you stay ahead of important events happening in the industry. Whether it’s a major exchange announcement to be made on a certain date or an update on a pending regulation, Calendar’s technology auto detects events from our set of sources.

  1. You may filter upcoming events by its type whether it is Airdrops or Regulatory developments.

  2. You can choose between calendar view and the table view.