Coin Slide-out Panel

How to Trigger a Slide-out

When you are scanning through your feeds, clicking on green tags opens a slide out panel of the selected coin. The panel provides a real time overview of Recent and Similar News on the coin which helps you to focus on the important developments as it comes in while blocking out the noise.

  1. Clicking on the green tag titled Helium opens a slide out panel of Helium (HNT). Along with price, you can see the number of tweets, volume and daily sentiment of the coin. Price vs Sentiment Chart is a very useful tool to track to monitor how sentiment and price have correlated over time.

  2. It’s important to note that clicking on a certain’s article tag automatically scopes the coin’s Tweet, Volume and Daily Sentiment movement. For instance, Helium’s Trading Volume went up by 0.18% since the artice was published.