Integrating Coin Data Into Your Product

Integrate our proprietary sentiment data to enhance your product offering

Looking to introduce some of our proprietary sentiment data into own platform? Here's how to go about a successful and easy integration.

Step 1: Sync our list of supported coins

Our system runs on our own set of UIDs. You should first sync our list of supported coins (Coins endpoint) and take note of their UIDs. You will pass this attribute as a parameter when fetching data.

This list will continue to expand, so it's a good practice to occasionally refresh this list on your end.

We have provided the coin's name, ticker, and some aliases to other platforms like CoinMarketCap and Coingecko to help you more efficiently match up our coins to your list of coins in your system.

Step 2: Fetch latest values

You can fetch the latest values of all of our metrics (market data, social data, and news volume data) for one or multiple coins.

Check out the Coin Data - Recent endpoint for the API call.

These values update every minute. We suggest you poll for updates right on the turn of the minute. Polling any faster isn't useful.

Step 3: Store the data in your database

When you pull coin data from the API, you should save it in your central database as a middle layer before serving it to your customers. This helps efficiently scale on both of our ends and lets you layer on additional controls or functionality.

We recommend storing our coins' UIDs and matching on that, as opposed to ticker or name, which are both subject to change, unlike the fixed UID.

Want help or guidance?

If you would like any help or guidance on the initial setup, data flow/processing, ideas on how to best display the information on your product, or any other questions/issues regarding the integration, please reach out to Ben Latz via email [email protected] and he'll be happy to chat.

If you are interested in integrating this data to your product but haven't yet talked with us about an arrangement, please reach out to [email protected]