Getting News via API

Ingest news to your own system via API

Looking to ingest news into your own database? Here's how to go about a successful and easy integration.

Step 1: Sync the directory of entities

When you fetch news back from a feed, each article will contain an array of collections, sources, and tags that it is associated with. You'll want to have the full directories synced in order to properly match them up to your own database, specifically coins.

Links to endpoints for syncing:

Step 2: Create desired feeds on

To start receiving news through the API, you first need to create your desired feeds on the frontend Terminal. Navigate to your Dashboard, and then click "+ Create" in the Firehose sidebar next to My Feeds section header. Here you can create a new feed.

You should create as few feeds as possible that encompass all the news you are interested in. For example, if you support 20 coins on your platform, you should create one feed that selects all 20 coins as filters, as opposed to 20 separate feeds each tagged one coin. Even better, you can create a Watchlist of those 20 coins and then select that watchlist as a filter for the news feed.

Step 3: Fetch and store news

Once you have your feed(s) created, you can find their unique ID through the News Feeds endpoint.

When you have your set of news feed IDs, then you can fetch news with the News endpoint.

Checking uniqueness of articles is important when saving them to your database - you can check against the link_hash attribute.

Want help or guidance?

If you would like any help or guidance on which feeds to set up, assistance with successfully making the API requests/processing the responses, or any other questions/issues regarding API usage, please reach out to Ben Latz via email [email protected] and he'll be happy to chat.

If you are interested in accessing this API but haven't requested access, please reach out to [email protected]