Getting Started


The TIE's Crypto SigDev Terminal is the fastest and most comprehensive platform for enterprises to monitor market moving crypto news and data. This manual is intended to guide you through SigDev Terminal to help you understand the application better.

SigDev Terminal tracks real-time updates from thousands of unique primary sources in multiple languages, including token issuer blogs, regulatory rulings, exchange APIs, press releases, SEC filings, and more. Our proprietary SigDev engine ingests this data and automatically categorizes it with tags (e.g., “Ethereum Classic” and “51% Attack”). This tagging enables our clients to create customized feeds and alerts on the information they need to stay on top of.

Since 2017, our team has worked to help financial institutions make more effective data-driven decisions with our proprietary suites of analytical tools, our clients include hedge funds, token issuers, OTC desks, and other leading market participants.

What’s Next